Establishing Legal Guardianships

Licensed in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania

One of the hardest things in any person’s life is witnessing the deterioration of a loved one’s mental and/or physical health. It may come to a point where your loved one can no longer manage his or her own affairs. In these heartbreaking situations, it may be necessary to formally establish a guardianship on his or her behalf.

If you want to establish a guardianship for a loved one, it will involve either the preparation of legal documents such as a power of attorney or preparing a petition for court action. Your best results are likely to come by hiring an experienced lawyer. Frederick, Maryland-based estate planning attorney Arthur Boyce has practiced law since 1986, and has helped numerous concerned family members establish guardianships on behalf of incapacitated family members.

Assisting Families During A Difficult Time

Many times, family members will disagree among themselves as to whether a loved one requires a guardian or who should be the guardian. In other situations, the person for whom the guardianship is being sought may object to a guardianship. These disputes can lead to lasting disagreements between family members. Mr. Boyce understands the emotional aspects and the delicate nature of these disputes. His experience will capably guide you through what could be a very difficult time.

Although guardianships are usually for elderly and incapacitated adults, there may be circumstances in which it is necessary to establish a guardian for a minor. Whatever your situation, Mr. Boyce will be able to represent your interests.

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